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What Is Medical Weight Loss, and How Does It Work?

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, more than 2 in 5 adults have obesity. Several studies have proven that having a higher weight can lead to multiple health problems. One of the major risks of having a higher weight or being obese is developing heart disease.

Shedding off excess weight is a difficult task for many people. It becomes even more complicated if you do not know what exercises to do and the medications to take. Medical weight loss is, therefore, a program that will help you eliminate excess weight by collaborating with a doctor.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a program developed and supervised by a professional physician. The program focuses on the proactive management of diet and physical fitness. The program involves prior testing to ascertain any underlying medical condition and prescription of weight loss medication in either tablet or injection form.

Unlike other traditional weight loss programs, medical weight loss is supervised by a medical professional. The medically-based program is managed by a doctor who specializes in weight loss. The doctor will help the patient develop an achievable yet customized plan that ticks all the boxes of their unique circumstances.

Rather than focus on workouts and diet management, a medical weight loss program provides medically backed plans that help reduce unwanted fats.

How Does Medical Weight Loss Work?

The first defense against excess fats is maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise. Sometimes these methods do not work; the scale will only budge if your gym sessions are intense.

Medical weight loss is not fixed; your physician could prescribe alternative medication to treat any underlying problem.

Cutting down on your energy food consumption may not guarantee a weight reduction. The same case is true for medical weight loss programs. However, losing close to 10% of your weight using medical prescriptions is enough to reduce the risks of contracting any obesity-related problems.

One of the major misconceptions about being overweight is that the affected individuals do not exercise enough or have unhealthy eating habits. Nothing can be further from the truth; most people who suffer from obesity have other medical disorders contributing to weight gain.

Medical weight loss program narrows down to real numbers. Your doctor will ascertain the number of calories you consume and find out if you have any other underlying medical conditions that could otherwise slow down weight loss.

Other weight loss programs will provide the types of food you need and how often you need to hit the road. A medical weight loss physician will first try to find out your medical history, eating habits, and working schedule. They will prescribe the necessary medication if they find any underlying medical condition.

The doctor will provide medical weight loss programs considering your blood levels, medical history, and diet. The program will specify what and how much you can eat and when.

Doctor’s Prescriptions Can Help You Lose Weight.

Weight loss drugs are not a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise. These weight loss injections and medications supplement other weight loss programs like gym sessions and a healthy diet.

The medications are safe and clinically tried by professional doctors. They are customized to work alongside other weight-cutting routines. Your doctor will only prescribe an injection or medication that will not interfere with any existing medical condition.

The doctor’s prescriptions will be based on your lifestyle, weight loss goals, and work schedule. Most of the drugs work by making you feel less hungry.

B12 Injections

B12 injections are the ideal prescription if you want to burn more calories. B12 injection speeds up your metabolism, providing the body with extra energy to burn more calories during the day.

The injection makes your body active for more hours. The longer you stay active, the higher number of calories the body burns.

Vitamin B12 is present in many foods and is usually broken down by the digestive system. When injected directly into the body, the vitamin bypasses the digestive system, speeding up metabolism.

Lipotropic Injections

This injection equally aims to increase metabolism by exporting fat from the liver and turning it into energy. The resultant energy is used to burn excess calories in the body. Lipotropic injections also help in removing bile from the liver.

Are There Other Weight Loss Medications Or Tools?

Other medically supervised weight loss plans can reduce belly fat. All the tools depend on your unique weight loss goals and specific body needs. Before you start any weight loss medication program, your doctor will assess you to ascertain the right weight loss plan.

What’s the most successful weight loss pill?

What works for you may not work for another person. It is why your doctor will perform an assessment before providing you with a personalized weight loss program.

There is no single magic pill for weight loss that works for everyone. Instead, there are thousands of vitamin injections and drugs you can use depending on your medical history and weight loss goals. Losing weight will depend on how many calories you take and burn.

How effective are these weight loss drugs?

Weight loss drugs are only complementary to other lifestyle changes. You might achieve less if you take drugs and ignore physical exercises. Most of these drugs are effective when taken for more than a year. Most people who have used it have recorded more than 5% weight loss. You need to use weight loss medicines and exercise daily for more effective results.

The Takeaway

Losing weight can be a challenging task. Thousands of fad diets claim to reduce weight but barely help you shed off a single tone. A medical weight loss program is effective and reliable. They are developed and monitored by a licensed physician.

Additionally, medical weight loss plans allow one to treat any underlying condition that may inhibit the weight loss journey. The physician would also prepare an exercise program consistent with your tight work schedule.

If you are ready to explore medical weight loss, contact our facility. We are equipped to help you learn about medical weight loss.

Additionally, we offer medical weight loss to help you attain your dream body goals.


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